Tahniah Saudara Zamzury Sani!
Apa pendapat anda tentang gerabak WANITA ktm komuter? adakah ia benda yang bagus atau tidak?


Hello peeps. This is The Two Minutes TV.. and sometimes longer!

Established on August 2010 by three young blogger, this blog was created for crowd-source podcasting, tackling hot and latest issues around Malaysia and worldwide.

Pardon me for not speaking English.

For those who don't get the idea, let's just say this blog is a medium for you to shout out loud and give opinions about what happened 360 degrees around us, by submitting your own videos.

Every week we will be posting a new topic or theme. So the crowds or in this case, YOU, can post a video of yourself giving opinions about the topic. You are given 2 minutes for every recordings, then upload them via video hosting websites such as Youtube or Dailymotion. Once uploaded, send us the URL (link of the video) HERE or just simply email it to us at twominutestv@gmail.com.

Once Filtered by our crew, we will publish them on this very blog! You can pretty much do anything within 2 minutes of recording your own video. Reading, singing, reciting poems, dancing, anything! But please, swearing, racism, sexual content etc is a no- no. We don't want any trouble.

Please be noted that this blog was created just for fun. We ain't here for your money, but we really need your support by submitting your vids, joining our facebook page and twitter. We thank you in advance for your support!